The Junior League of San Francisco

Issue 3: February 2014

Foglights Newsletter

JLSF Supports Human Trafficking Bill

Trina Kuntz
by Trina Kuntz

Members of the Advocacy and Public Affairs committee and its subcommittee, Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) and Human Trafficking, have been working diligently to increase the awareness of the devastating issue of trafficked minors. This committee is working in conjunction with the State Public Affairs Committee, which is responsible for co-authoring and lobbying for several important laws in California, the most recent of which is California State Senate Bill 738.

AdvocacyWhat is Bill 738?

This Bill develops a state action plan to provide new protection and service resources to sexually exploited and trafficked minors. Instead of these minors being treated as criminals, as they currently are, the California Health and Human Services agency would be required to convene an inter-agency work group to develop a comprehensive statewide plan to serve and protect them.

The JLSF Advocacy committee also helps spread the advocacy work and awareness to the city level in San Francisco through trainings, film screenings, and by visiting and advocating with city officials.

You can get involved! Here's how:

  • Reach out to your local State Senator. Let them know you support CA SB 738. To find who your State Senator or Congress person is, go to the Find your California Representative page. This bill will soon be put for a vote, so it is important that we all reach out to our local representatives to voice our support.
  • Educate yourself about human trafficking by reading about it and following events in the news. Follow organizations like @Polaris_Project, @MISSSEY_Org, @CALSPAC on Twitter and the JLSF Advocacy Facebook page.
  • Simply spread this information through your social channels, and share their postings.

Through these easy steps, you can be an advocate, too.

Join Us For Healthy Kids Day!

Kristin Bryan
by Kristin Bryan

Healthy Kids Day, in partnership with the YMCA at the Stonestown Family YMCA, will take place on Saturday, April 26. The overall vision of Community Events and Outreach (CEO) is to promote health and education for underprivileged youth through our community programs. Healthy Kids Day is one of the two main events that the CEO committee helps run to carry out this mission. 

Healthy Kids Day is a national YMCA initiative where youth and their families achieve greater health and well-being through participation in activities and educational programming for the entire family. "Healthy Kids Day is a time-honored event the Y offers each year and we are thrilled to be partnering with JLSF for this year’s event," said Erin Clark, Executive Director of the Stonestown Family YMCA. "Healthy Kids Day is one of my favorite events of the year because children and families from all over the community come together for a day of fun, learning, and connecting."

New Transfer Spotlight

Amanda Tutera
by Amanda Tutera

Meredith HealyWelcome Meredith Healy! Learn a little bit about this new JLSF member!

League transferred from and status?

Los Angeles, 4th-year active

What have you most enjoyed about your experience in the Junior League of Los Angeles?

I most enjoyed working with the "Stories Abroad" reading program at the Children’s Institute. 

What do you look forward to during your time at the JLSF?

I look forward to exploring the community programs available through JLSF and continuing to meet more women in the League.

What have you found most interesting/surprising about San Francisco?

I was happily surprised to find that there are very few chain restaurants in San Francisco, and I have a long list of local places to try!

DIAD Fun at the Randall Museum

Alex Conrad
by Alex Conrad

On February 9, JLSF volunteers gathered at the Randall Museum's scenic Corona Heights facility for the 32nd annual San Francisco Science Fair, showcasing students in grades 6-8 from schools all across San Francisco. All were in good spirits despite steady rain and fog. With many hands, they made short work of transforming parts of the museum into an exhibition space. Within hours, paint- and glitter-encrusted tables usually used for arts and crafts were covered in paper and hung with dignified blue skirts. Some volunteers were treated to the music of a children's theater group rehearsing nearby at the museum.

The Randall Museum, which sponsors and hosts the Science Fair, is one such institution of the many that has made use of DIAD volunteers over the years. This children's museum, whose mission is "to foster love of science, natural history, and the arts," has served children and families since it was founded in 1937. Prior League events at Randall include last year's science fair events and an annual "Bug Day."

The science fair submissions were installed recently and opened to the public for viewing February 18 – 21. Winners will be eligible to go on to the SF Bay Area Science Fair.

A Training To Remember

Courtney Clifford
by Courtney Clifford

The Volunteer Training & Development committee hosted a wonderful training on January 29: "How to Plan a Successful Charity Event." Despite the rainy weather, the event was well attended.

The event was conducted by JLSF members: Pernella Sommerville, who covered the PR portion, and Tina Romine, who covered the budgetary aspects. Both provided great thought and insight to advise League members on the ins-and-outs of planning an event.

Pernella Sommerville utilized the acronym 'BE A SUCCESS' to guide the audience through her process. The acronym was explained as follows

Build – Assemble a committee of experts and utilize each person’s strengths. Keep your team engaged, interested and on schedule.

Educate – Complete research surrounding the event you want to holf. Answer questions such as: Why is this event different? What makes it stand out? What else is going on in that timeframe? What media outlets can help you spread the word?

Act – Start planning 6-8 months in advance.

Strategize – Determine your sense of direction and scope of work. Identify relationships you have that might help you reach your goal. Develop your theme, your creative messaging and make a check list.

Understand – Realistically decide what you would like to accomplish. Learn from past events; stick to what works and adjust the things that don’t.

Create – Be creative with all the details, from the venue to the logos.

Campaign – Determine key fundraising tactics; don’t be afraid to ask for donations.

Excite – Keep your team excited about the event. Show your appreciation to enhance your team’s motivation.

Sell – Sell the event. Utilize all available media resources and remember to tell the who, what, where, when and why!

Support – Create a supportive and trusting atmosphere for your team.

Tina Romine focused on some of the financial aspects of pulling off an event. She advises to plan your event as if you have no budget at all, and try to have all aspects underwritten by donors. Determine exactly what you need and how much it will cost so you can ask for an appropriate financial commitment.

Upcoming trainings include:

  • Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare) held on March 6: A speaker from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is going to give a brief presentation about the ACA, including how it is relevant to those of us who are signing up and those of us who aren't, and address some of the media coverage.
  • Entrepreneurship panel (date TBD)
  • Training on Local Government co-hosted by the Advocacy Committee (date TBD)

Fresh in Season!

Tammy Gately
by Tammy Gately

On February 7, MAC hosted an annual Crab Feed held at the Olympic Club on Post Street in San Francisco. The night had no shortage of food with the all-you-can-eat feast. Along with signature bibs, there were lots of smiles. The event was limited to a lucky few, and it was a great opportunity to get to know fellow members. The ladies had such a blast that MAC definitely plans to organize this again next year!

SoulCycle Helps SMART Raise Money

Tammy Gately
by Tammy Gately

SoulCycleLet’s talk about FUN multi-tasking! Not only was it a great workout, but SoulCyclealso $650 was raised for SMART. Way to go!

MAC held a fun fitness event in late November at the newly opened SoulCycle spin class studio on Union Street. The event was FREE, though the asked-for minimum donation of $20 benefited SMART, a JLSF community program. The top three donations were then entered into a drawing to win a SoulCycle class package. With the sign-ups being over capacity, MAC capped the event at 55 people.

MAC is planning a follow-up to this Cardio Party this spring, so be sure to look out for it and sign up early!

SMART mentor Tori Wycoff and her mentee, EddyGetting SMART!

Vanessa Loy
by Vanessa Loy

SMART mentor Tori Wycoff and her mentee, Eddy, celebrated the completion of the last of his college applications. Through JLSF's partnership with SMART, junior and senior students are paired in one-on-one mentoring relationships with JLSF volunteers. Throughout the year, mentors support students as they go through the college application process. Good luck, Edd, in getting into the college of your choice!