The Junior League of San Francisco

Community Events and Outreach

The Junior League of San Francisco, Inc. (JLSF) has a rich history of supporting programs and events in the Bay Area for over 100 years. The Community Events and Outreach Committee is committed to supporting the JLSF Focus Area Empowering our Community Through Life Skills Education by:

  • Promoting healthy living by providing children and their families with the tools they need to make nutritious eating choices with the belief that the education of our children is the first step toward making a lasting impact in the reversal of current childhood obesity.
  • Organizing events which include interactive activities and programs, to educate children and their families about healthy living.
  • Supporting community programs by bringing JLSF volunteers to assist with events that tie in with
    our mission and focus area.

Amber Johnson (CEO committee chair 2012-2013) at the Stonestown YMCA Healthy Kids Day 2013

Ayesha Dillon (CEO committee chair 2013-2014) and Jennifer Soll (committee member) at the Stonestown YMCA Healthy Kids Day 2013