The Junior League of San Francisco

JLSF Volunteer Awards

Active of the Year
Sustainer of the Year
Provisional of the Year
Committee of the Year
Melissa Harrington Hughes Leadership Award / Outstanding New Leader
Spirit of the League
2015-2016 Shaye Martin Usha Burns

Christina Luz

Fund Development
Provisional Education

Erin D'Fazio
Dee Iacopelli
Judy Jorgensen
2014-2015 Tina Romine Judy Jorgensen
Anette Harris

Danielle Shareshian
Stephanie Miceli
Rachel Gendron
Erin DiFazio

Placement (led by Annie Calonico Schieding and Kristina Gentleman) Katie Burr Suzy Pak
2013-2014 Lynn Warneka Christie Hurta Kieli Joplin Finance Nikol Plass Cynthia Foster
2012-2013 Caroline Vance Bruister Andra von Behren Emily Gibson Public Affairs Courtney Derby & Jolsna John Tammy Braas-Hill
2011-2012 Karen Loane Sandra Bessières
Kim Lynch
Vanessa Loy Finance
Community & Arts Outreach
Anne Walbridge Susie Hoganson
Trish Otstott
2010-2011 Michelle Branch Marcia Beersdorf Paloma Figueroa Membership Activities DevonTarasevic
Christine Keele
Anne Marie Massocca
2009-2010 Kelly Jacikas Blossom Barnes
2008-2009 Kristen Zeitzer Bourke Layne Gray Schuyler Hudak
Amie Pfeifer
Home Tour Amy Lightbody Kuhns Usha Burns
2007-2008 Ellen Reich-Luchtel Wendy Hayward Serafina Miller Andrea DeBerry Carolyn Charlton
2006-2007 Hilary King Makhijani Gaby Jackson Renstrom Anne Jensen Strategic Planning Ginger Wilcox Diana Conan
2005-2006 Gwinne Berexa Barbara Mulcare
Debbie Vogel
Sarah Semple Arts Outreach Jennifer Richman Suanne Bouvier
2004-2005 Ellen Grantz
Carolyn Kominowski
Women at the Center Honors (WATCH) Committee Nicole Meyer Fashion Show Beth Sullivan
Mai Shiver
Mary Jachimiec Scherer
2003-2004 Tammy Braas-Hill Tam Madden Corporate Solicitation Lauren Haswell Patricia Sprincin
2002-2003 Cynthia Foster Carol Batte Meehyun Kurtzman Web Patricia Richardson Sally Hamlin Coates
2001-2002 Parnell Pearson Eleanor Najjar
2000-2001 Kyri Sparks-McClellan 90th Anniversary Ad Hoc Ursela Bergin
1999-2000 "R.E.A.P." Committee Jean McClatchy Jane Dawson
1998-1999 Cynthia Wolfe Funai
Inger Rarick
Nancy Carlson Amy Worth
1997-1998 Terri-Lyn Costello
Vivian Costello
Shirley Dean Lani Valentine
1996-1997 Laura Faucett
Diana Conan-Weber
Sharon Guy Ann Otter
1995-1996 Dolly Chammas Carole Whitehill Katie Cardinal
1994-1995 Mollie Ward Brown Charlene Harvey
1993-1994 Maria Gerhardt Gretchen DeBaubigny
1992-1993 Long Range Planning Committee Joni Settlemier
1991-1992 Sarah Manion Patricia Funsten Costello
1990-1991 Mary Ann Athearn Leslie Luttgens
1989-1990 Laura Bellows
Linda Hudak
1988-1989 Lucy Bowman
Nancy Tilley
Catherine Pyke
1987-1988 Betsy Clapp Margaret Dart
1986-1987 Darcy Dana Fahlsing

Active, Sustainer and Committee of the Year Awards

These awards are bestowed on members (including members of the Board of Directors) or committees who go above and beyond the roles that they have been assigned. The recipients of the awards are nominated by Leadership (for individuals) and Board members (for committees).

Criteria (Must meet four out of five criteria.)
  • Develops the potential of women by training, mentoring, coaching, and/or leading by example.
  • Creates and maintains constructive and positive collaboration, exemplary teamwork and cross-functional work through committees
  • Impacts the community
  • Demonstrates leadership (even if the person is not in a slated leadership position)
  • Vision

Spirit of the Junior League of San Francisco

This award reflects a volunteer's lifetime achievements in the JLSF and in our community. Usually, this member has over ten years of service in the JLSF. She is a past/current leader in the JLSF. She is currently active or just retired as an effective leader in the community. She is recognized for her outstanding dedication to the JLSF. She inspires our volunteers as a role model.

Melissa Harrington Hughes Outstanding Leadership Award

This award will be presented to one "new" and "up-coming" leader (someone who is a first time or second time leader, vice chairs are included).

This award is for a volunteer who is an outstanding leader (Vice-Chairs as well):

  • Has great team work and leadership skills.
  • Is highly enthusiastic about the League and works to further its mission and goals.
  • Works well with both those she leads on her committee and also those beside and above her on her Council and Board.
  • Shows interest in advancing with in the League leadership structure.
  • Shows initiative in her Vice Chair or Chair position (i.e., leaves the committee better than she found it).
  • Always cheerful and energetic.
  • Participates in more JLSF activities than are required.

Hayley Swift Provisional of the Year Award

This award is in memory of Hayley Swift, who was a dedicated Provisional Education Advisor for the 2000-2001 JLSF League year, and who died in a plane crash on March 24, 2001. The Hayley Swift Provisional Spirit of the Year Award is given to the Provisional who is:

  • Highly enthusiastic
  • Positive and energetic
  • Attends every meeting
  • Completes requirements ahead of time
  • Participates in more JLSF activities than is required
  • Has great team work and leadership skills
  • Is an overall "outstanding" Provisional

All nominees for this award are submitted by Provisionals and Provisional Advisors.