Membership Requirements

After successfully completing the New Member Program, you become an Active Member and participate on one of the many different League committees. Actives dedicate approximately ten hours a month to their committee.

Active Members attend general meetings, one-day event volunteer opportunities, and training workshops.

The JLSF supports a variety of community programs that are located within the four areas for which we have members: San Francisco, Oakland/East Bay, Marin and San Mateo County. The Community Program Development committee within the JLSF conducts research and analysis on local community agencies to determine partnerships that would be most suitable for JLSF members based on our focus area and volunteer opportunities at the agency. A slate of community programs is then presented to the JLSF Membership for vote.

All Active Members are obligated to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Payment of annual dues by May 30th, 2020, or a request for a payment plan by April 30th, 2020.
  • Placement on a JLSF committee and completion of all committee requirements
  • In addition, members must complete General Electives totaling 18 points during the JLSF fiscal year. The General Electives available to members, and their respective point values, will be the following:
Activity Points Comments
Voting General Meeting 3
Non-Voting General Meeting (including Area meetings) 2
Attendance at All General Meetings 1
Working a Shift at a JLSF Fundraiser (pre or post event) 3 Non-Committee Members
Working Entire JLSF Fundraiser All Day (min 8 hours) 10 Non-Committee Members
Working Home Tour, Holiday Faire, or Touch-a-Truck Day of Event (one shift min. 4 hours) 5 Non-Committee Members
Working Clean-up for Home Tour, Holiday Faire, or Touch-a-Truck 4 Non-Committee Members
Community Service
Done-In-A-Day – 1 point earned for each hour volunteered variable Non-Committee Members
Done-In-A-Day – for volunteering at DIAD involving one of the JLSF Community Programs (in addition to points earned for hours volunteered) 1 Non-Committee Members
Training Event – JLSF 3
Training Event – AJLI/ NorCalRenoHon 3
Position on Non-Profit Board that Supports AJLI Mission the JLSF Current Focus Area 1 Only 1 per Year
JLSF Vice Chair, Chair-Elect or Steering Committee Position 3
JLSF Chair or Co-Chair Position 4
JLSF Board Position 5
Membership/Committee Support
Placement on additional committee (s), (i.e. double-placement), including Ad Hoc committees 2
Prospect Member Recruitment 1 Maximum of 3 per Year. Active Member must accompany Prospective Member to General Meeting. Prospective Member must also attend 1 Prospective Member Workshop and pay dues for Provisional Year in order for point to be granted.


If a member is unable to complete her requirements, including the 18 General Elective points, and wishes to remain in good standing she will be required to complete 6 General Elective points by August 1 of the following JLSF year. The 6 General Elective points will be in addition to the 18 points required every year.

If a member is terminated for non-payment of dues and is eligible to reinstate, she will be required to pay her dues, the applicable fines as detailed in the section of the Policies and Procedures entitled Reinstatement, remedy any arrears (requirements) and complete an additional 6 General Elective points prior to reinstatement

If a member is placed on Home Tour and does not fulfill her committee specific requirements she will be required to be placed on another Fundraising Council committee as designated by the Placement Chair for the remainder of the JLSF year

No member of leadership or staff may approve points for activities not included on this list. Any variations must be approved by both Vice Presidents in consultation with the Corresponding Secretary, Membership Development Council Director and Placement Chair.