Community Partner Grants


About the Community Partner Grants We Offer

The Junior League of San Francisco (JLSF) looks for partnerships with San Francisco Bay Area nonprofit organizations that align with our focus area of Bridging the gap of essential needs in the San Francisco community. Through these partnerships, the JLSF provides a combination of funding and volunteer support for specific community programs which can include:

  1. Direct Funding – These funds directly benefit the nonprofit organization and are generally unrestricted, with the exception that the JLSF is unable to fund salaries. Past grants have ranged between $5,000 and $35,000.
  2. Indirect Funding – These funds directly support the JLSF volunteers in their development or execution of activities with nonprofit organizations. Examples of indirect funding include covering costs to purchase necessary supplies or food-related to the specific programs and activities managed by JLSF volunteers.
  3. Volunteer Support –  A dedicated committee of approximately 5-30 JLSF volunteers that provide approximately 3-5 hours per person per month of direct support to the nonprofit partner.

While JLSF Community Partner grants have an effective term of one year, the JLSF aims to develop long-term affiliations with community organizations.

The JLSF awarded $117,000 in Community Partner and other grants, and provided a significant number of volunteer hours to four San Francisco Bay Area nonprofits.

Community Partner Grant Eligibility and Requirements

Nonprofit organizations applying for a grant must:

  • Serve communities specifically located in the County of San Francisco
  • Submit a grant application and other requested documents
  • Provide financial data (including evidence of 501(c)(3) status and audited financial documentation)
  • Demonstrate that the specific program aligns with the JLSF’s focus area of Bridging the gap of essential needs in the San Francisco community
  • Provide meaningful, direct volunteer experiences for a committee of 5-30  JLSF volunteers on a consistent monthly basis
  • Satisfy a volunteer time commitment of approximately 3-5 hours per month per volunteer
  • Provide volunteer opportunities that occur on weekday evenings (5:00 p.m. and later) and weekends

Apply for a Community Partner Grant Online

Click the link above to fill out the application. Applications will be accepted through March 2023.

If you have any questions, please email Shannon Pidgeon  at