JLSF Response to Racial Injustice

This has been a tragic week, where we’ve watched the hurt and anger on display at the racial injustices that are pervasive in our society.

The JLSF is committed to inclusive environments of diverse individuals, organizations, and communities. As such, we cannot stay silent and sit on the sidelines while these horrible injustices continue. We must give support to our Black community, and to all people of color—neighbors, friends, coworkers, partners–and as an organization be an authentic ally in this fight for justice. Our commitment to equity and inclusion is as important as ever.

The collective power of our voices is part of our power for change. We must talk frequently, without inhibition, about injustice. Talk to your family members, to your friends, in your places of worship, in your book clubs. Call your Congressional leaders, your state, and local governments about the immediate need for addressing this crisis of injustice.

The JLSF is working on additional programming to explore how to extend our support in other ways to be agents of real change in this effort. We will update our website as we learn and share ways to make this happen.

Together we can and will make a difference.