Member Success Stories: Lana Chan

Member Success Stories: Digital Marketing Coordinator

Lana Chan


I moved to San Francisco more than 8 years ago and didn’t know anybody. My boss was a JLSF member, who encouraged me to join after discovering I like to help people, and recommended I join for networking as well. I later went to an info session to learn about the League and heard about the training and volunteer development it offers and how it helps the SF community.
I’ve been a member of the league since 2013. My first leadership role was a co-chair position on the ad-hoc committee, Issue Based Community Impact (IBCI). I attended ODI in Raleigh that year to get training on how to implement the new Community Impact initiative. There I met hundreds of women from leagues all over the country and world. It was amazing, inspiring, and I high recommend you apply to go experience it for yourself. It is one of the best trainings you’ll receive as a League member and offers great networking and knowledge-transfer opportunities.
I later served on the Membership Engagement and Enabling Funds Committees. I then joined Community Programs as the Touch-a-Truck Marketing Steering Chair, which taught me a lot about the process for Google Ads and helped hone my skills as our resident Ads expert. It set me up for success in this league year, where I became the first-ever Digital Marketer for the Communications Council and Committee.
In 2018, started training members on Google Ads and search engine optimization (SEO). Did you know we have a $10K/month Google Grant to use for paid Google search ads? I enjoyed training several people on the Communications Committee; it’s part of the volunteer development we offer at the Junior League. I look forward to training more in the upcoming year and I know several of you who are interested in learning about search engine marketing (SEM) and SEO. It’s a great skill set to have if you want to add new marketing skills for your professional development, and if you are an entrepreneur or business owner.
I look forward to to meeting even more members and training those interested in SEM, SEO, and digital marketing.