Member Success Stories: Nicole Horodas

Member Success Stories: Home Tour Committee

Nicole Horodas


I joined the Junior League of San Francisco (JLSF) in 2015 after moving to San Francisco from Boston and have served all 4 years on the Home Tour Committee.  My past 3 years have been spent as the Operations Chair.  As a litigation attorney, attention to detail, organization, and collaboration are imperative, which are skills that lend themselves very well to Operations, since it is a subcommittee which arranges permits, reviews contracts, problem-solves and makes sure the event (and each pre-event) has what it needs to take place.  Being on the Home Tour committee for several years has enabled me to build relationships, learn the process, and teach others.

On a large(r) committee, you deal with many different personalities and many strengths and weaknesses.  I have learned to draw out people’s strengths, and to identify and balance my weaknesses with others’ strengths. The Home Tour Committee has enabled me to utilize my skills to encourage collaboration and find ways for my sub-committee members to learn from each other.  I am so grateful for the knowledge and training I have gained on how to coordinate a fundraiser (and all it’s moving parts), the skills I have enhanced and learned through my fellow committee members, and the friendships I have made.