Strategic Plan

The Junior League of San Francisco approved a long-term Strategic Plan to remain in effect from 2012-2017. The Plan provides a roadmap for the way our League will shape or make a difference in the community. The Strategic Plan incorporates four main components to achieve the goals of the Plan:

  • Community Impact: to shape or make a difference in the community.
  • Membership: to provide an environment that supports the Mission Statement.
  • Revenue: to increase sources and encourage long-term commitments.
  • JLSF Brand and Community Relations: to increase visibility in the community and leverage the strength of the AJLI.

For a complete copy of the JLSF’s Strategic Plan, please contact the League office.

Focus Area: Social and Emotional Health of the Youth and Elderly

How does Social and Emotional Health benefit our community?

  • Helps individuals develop and maintain healthy social networks
  • Builds self confidence, self-esteem, self worth
  • Develops positive attitudes
  • Promotes a state of mental well being
  • Helps in effective communication

How will the JLSF support Social and Emotional Health in our community?

  • Making transportation available through offering rides and helping seniors learn to use public transportation.
  • Promoting a sense of purpose by encouraging seniors to remain active in their hobbies and interests, and providing them opportunities to volunteer.
  • Making adaptive technologies available, ranging from walkers to hearing aids, help seniors compensate for age-related deficits and deficiencies that can impede social interactions.