New Community Impact Focus Area!

The Junior League of San Francisco regularly updates our focus area for San Francisco’s changing needs and to optimize how our members can have an impact in their community. As a result, we will be rolling out a new focus this year:
Bridging the gap of essential needs in the San Francisco community.

The new focus area was chosen after evaluating our previous focus areas, issues our members found to be most urgent in San Francisco, and potential community partnership opportunities.
Essential Needs encompasses a number of issues, but we target our work within three pillars:
Housing, Food, and Basic Personal Necessities.

Community Partners will remain the same for the rest of the league year, and per the usual process, will be evaluated against the new focus area for the following year. We will start to update Done-In-a-Day volunteer opportunities, advocacy campaigns, and our grant applications to reflect the new focus area immediately.

More about the purpose of the focus area:
The community impact focus area exists to enable us to strengthen and deepen the capacity of our members to engage in meaningful and sustainable community change. We use a strategic approach that is guided by measurable community goals and tied to community partnerships which we evaluate year-to-year.