Past Women at the Center Honorees

Launched in 2004, the JLSF Sustainer Council’s Women at the Center Honors recognizes outstanding Bay Area women at the center of philanthropy, community, and civic services.

All of our past honorees are visionaries with strong leadership skills, who have given generously of their time, energy, and resources in an effort to further philanthropic causes and improve our Bay Area community.

2021-2022: Sallie Huntting & London N. Breed

2017-2018: Sally Coates and Elizabeth J. Folger

2016-2017: Judy Jorgensen & Jennifer Siebel Newsom

2015-2016:  Anette Harris & Dagmar Dolby

2014-2015: Patricia Tatum Otstott & Roselyne Chroman Swig

2013-2014: Athena Blackburn & Merla Zellerbach

2011-2012: Joanne Horning & Charlotte Shultz

2010-2011: Belva Davis & Patricia Sughrue Sprincin

2009-2010: Gretchen de Baubigny & Susan Cook Hoganson

2008-2009: Barbara Callander & Louise Renne

2007-2008: Nancy Bechtle & Kimberly Wright-Violich

2006-2007: Chris Hellman & Leslie Luttgens

2005-2006: Delia Ehrlich & Charlene Harvey

2004-2005: Katie Cardinal & Dede Wilsey