San Francisco Education Fund

The San Francisco Education Fund (SFEF) harnesses the power of the community to equip every public school student with the skills to succeed in college, career, and civic responsibility. The organization analyzes data to target resources where they are needed most, engage volunteers in classrooms, provide grants to educators, and award scholarships to students – all with the goal of building a bright future for San Francisco and its young people.

The JLSF participates in Circle the Schools, an initiative that engages local companies to adopt schools and help ensure all students have the skills, experience, and resources they needed to thrive in San Francisco. The goal of the Circle the Schools program is to circle all of San Francisco’s 100+ public schools and use this initiative to support the School District’s Vision 2025.

SFEF’s other programs include (1) the Literacy Program at seven public schools; (2) the Math Program at three public schools; (3) the College & Career Readiness Program at three public schools; (4) the K-12 Tutoring & Classroom Support Program; and (5) the Mentoring Program serving 40 schools across San Francisco. SFEF also administers the annual Maisin Scholar Award Program to cover college tuition and student fees for average students who possess above average potential and commitment to academic growth and career success.

For more information about the SFEF, please click here.