SMART provides low-income students access to an exceptional education and the skills needed to thrive in college and in life. Only 9% of low-income students earn a college degree. SMART closes the achievement gap by providing these students with access to academically rigorous schools, and with intensive social, emotional and academic support from grades 5-12.

94% of SMART students attend college, forever altering the trajectory of their lives, and the lives of their families and communities.

The JLSF partners with SMART through its College Access and Success Program (CASP). CASP was formally created during the 2011-2012 school year after SMART families requested additional support to achieve their children’s college enrollment goals. JLSF members joined forces with the head of CASP to develop a mentoring program in which JLSF volunteers are paired one-on-one with junior or senior high school students. In close collaboration with the CASP program staff,

JLSF mentors provide guidance and assistance with activities tailored to individual student needs, including helping students craft application essays, apply to scholarships, and explore internship opportunities.

JLSF volunteers also take part in SMART’s Career Conference, an annual event taking place over the course of three days that serves to educate SMART Scholars on various career paths and how to prepare for them.

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