Hayley Swift Memorial Fund

Hayley Swift lost her life in a plane crash on the island of St. Barts in the Caribbean on March 24, 2001. In honor of Hayley, JLSF has created the Hayley Swift Memorial Fund and has established the Hayley Swift Provisional Spirit of the Year Award, to recognize a JLSF Provisional who exemplifies Hayley’s qualities: a high level of enthusiasm and energy, great teamwork and leadership skills, participation in activities beyond those that are required, and completion of all requirements ahead of schedule. This award will be presented at the end of the JLSF year at the Provisional Graduation Party.

The memorial fund will continue Hayley’s efforts to mentor Prospective and Provisional Members of the JLSF, through scholarships for Prospective Members. The Hayley Swift Provisional Education Scholarships will cover the cost of the Provisional Education course fee and will be granted to those Prospective Members who may have difficulties meeting the financial obligations of the JLSF. Any scholarship recipient would still be responsible for the JLSF annual dues.

Prospective Members interested in applying for the Hayley Swift Provisional Education Scholarship should submit the Hayley Swift Scholarship Application.

Donations to any of the JLSF Funds can be made online. Checks can be mailed to the JLSF office (2226A Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94115). Please note the fund name in the memo portion of your check.