Enabling Funds Grants


The JLSF Enabling Funds committee awards grants to San Francisco Bay Area non-profit organizations that align with one of JLSF’s two focus areas:

  1. Promoting the social and emotional health of youth and the elderly
  2. Empowering our community through life skills education.

The JLSF Enabling Funds grants – up to a maximum of $5,000 per organization – enable established non-profit organizations to continue providing needed services and programs in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Priority for grants will be given to organizations that face an urgent and short-term financial need. Examples of such needs may include, but are not limited to, organizations facing a sudden loss of funding, organizations facing an unbudgeted expense, or organizations that are in need of bridge funding.

Over the past five years, the JLSF has awarded more than $300,000 in Enabling Funds grants to various San Francisco Bay Area non-profits, providing vital assistance to these organizations so that they may continue to serve the community.


Eligibility and Requirements

To be eligible for a JLSF Enabling Funds grant, organizations must:

  • Submit an Enabling Funds Grant Application and related documents.
  • Demonstrate that the specific program requiring funding aligns with one JLSF’s two issue areas
  • Provide verification of 501(c)(3) status
  • Confirm that they have not have received a JLSF Enabling Funds grant during the current or prior JLSF fiscal year
  • Confirm that they have not have received funding from other JLSF sources during the current JLSF fiscal year

The maximum amount awarded for any single grant request is $5,000.  For more information, please contact the JLSF at (415) 775-4100 or email grants@jlsf.org.


Review Process and Timing

Grant applications are currently being accepted and will be accepted on a rolling basis.