The JLSF Annual Fund

The Junior League of San Francisco, Inc. Annual Fund provides an opportunity for our members to directly support the mission of our League through generous donations. The Annual Fund provides unrestricted financial resources for the Junior League of San Francisco (JLSF). With each donation to the Annual Fund you are:

  • Supporting JLSF community programs (Breakthrough SF, Institute on Aging, Safe & Sound, and SMART)
  • Enabling the JSF to recruit and retain members
  • Offering training and leadership opportunities to JLSF members
  • Providing essential support for the operations of JLSF and JLSF HQ
  • Committing to the future of our organization


Why Donate?

One person can absolutely make a difference in this League. You already make a difference with your time and talents that you donate to the JLSF. You can also make a difference with your gifts. Which one of these many reasons to give speaks to you?

  • Because the Junior League of San Francisco has given you friendship and networking opportunities.
  • Because the Junior League of San Francisco has given you training and community experience.
  • Because you want to see the Junior League of San Francisco grow.
  • To honor or say thank you to a fellow League member.
  • To remember someone.
  • To serve as a gift on holidays or special occasions.

Ways to Give

  • Donate online at
  • Write a check to the Junior League of San Francisco indicating “Annual Fund” in the memo. Checks can be mailed to the Junior League of San Francisco, 2226A Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94115.
  • Set up an automatic Monthly Gift payment to JLSF through PayPal. 
  • Ask your employer to match your donation to the JLSF Annual Fund through their Matching Gifts program. 
  • Call the JLSF Development Manager at 415-775-4100 x.110 to pay via credit card over the phone. 


Thank you to our 2017-18 Annual Fund Donors!


Dana Emery • Margaret Hearst • Josephine Schuman •
Reid P. Johnson, Johnson Investments & Associates


Jennifer Johnston • Gwendolyn Price 


Ana Dierkhising • Alana Leigh


Eva Auchincloss • E. Gretchen Brandt de Baubigny • Jennifer Bell • Diane Blackman • Sindy Craig • Heather Cotanch • Elizabeth Dooley • Ruth Haynes • Katherine Garlinghouse • Janet Hart • Judy Jorgensen • Kathryn Kennedy • Dana Marie Knapp • Laura McKee • Nikol Plass • Eve Wertsch 


Abena Antwi • Erin Badillo • Kara Baker •  Kelly Berg • Amy Bivens • Nicole Bonar • Sarah Brown • Morgan Byce • Alexis Carmona • Elise Chapman • Kathryn Chinn • Lauren Cohen • Katie Colendich • Deb Corporandy • Katherine Costa • Vivian Costello • Heather Cotanch • Sonnet Daymont • Gina D’Angelo • Hilary Desrosiers • Ann Dey • Caitlin Durham • Britt Eason • Michelle Edmunds • Zora Edwards • Julie Eklund • Lisa Essa • Joy Fazzone • Katharine Feidler • Stacey Fleece • Jill Flynn • Helene Frakes • Heather Goodman • Ann Gordon • Tara Hagan • Virginia Hall • Katherine Hicks • Miranda Huang • Mickey Hubbell • Kirby Hutton • Marjorie Lander Hynes • Dee Iacopelli • Michelle Isherwood • Kalpi Kadaba • Linda Kelly • Hilary King • Sue Kuehn • Kris Kolassa • Sharon Lai • Helen Law • Elizabeth Leep • Ramsay Leimenstoll • Whitney Lewis • Emma Lundberg • Sierra Luther • Marcia MacArthur • Carol Maerzke • Danette Magilligan • Martha Eyre McDaniel • Allyn McInerney • Jana McIntosh • Eleni Miachika • Susan Mielke • Katharine Moore • Kristen Murdock •  Mary Murphy • Monica Muzzin • Melody Noel • Deborah Obendorf • Julie Ohara Stewart •  Alyssa Oldani • Jane Oppenheimer Blatteis • Isabelle Ord • Marie Luise Otto • Kathleene Paul • Anne Perkins • Renata Phillippi • Lynn Poole • Brenna Pringle • Lorene Quist • Katherine Ragusa • Kate Gundlach Roberts • Catherine Ronneberg • Amanda Roth • Andrea Saenz • Kaila Sanford • Jennie Scholick • Marina Simenstad • Rosalind Solon- Morris • Melissa Subbotin • Megan Synnestvedt • Vivian Tero • Hilary Toms • BeBe Trinker • Renee Tucei • Michele Turton • Briana Voss • Andrea Wagner • Lynn Warneka • Sarah Warner • Andi Wilkie • Mary Wilson • Ying Wu • Kathryn Zagoria • Mary Zellerbach • Taylor Zisman