Membership Requirements

After successfully completing the New Member Program, you become an Active Member and participate on one of the many different League committees. Actives dedicate approximately ten hours a month to their committee.

Active Members attend general meetings, one-day event volunteer opportunities, and training workshops.

The JLSF supports a variety of community programs that are located within the four areas for which we have members: San Francisco, Oakland/East Bay, Marin and San Mateo County. The Community Program Development committee within the JLSF conducts research and analysis on local community agencies to determine partnerships that would be most suitable for JLSF members based on our focus area and volunteer opportunities at the agency. A slate of community programs is then presented to the JLSF Membership for vote.

All Active Members are obligated to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Payment of annual dues by May 30th, or a request for a payment plan by April 30th.
  • Placement and participation on a JLSF committee and completion of all committee requirements
  • Complete one Membership Development activity
  • Complete one DEIB activity
  • Complete one Fundraising activity
  • Complete one Community Engagement activity