Transfers FAQ’s

1) When can I transfer my membership?

We accept members who are in good standing to transfer their membership at anytime during the League year.

2) How do I initiate my transfer?

The transfer process begins with the League from which you are transferring. Please contact Leslie Hermanson, Director of Membership, to begin the paperwork and initiate the transfer.

3) How long does it generally take to transfer a membership from another League?

On average, the entire process usually takes about two weeks.

4) What are the costs associated with transferring?

Costs are different depending on what time of year you transfer your membership. Please contact Leslie Hermanson, Director of Membership, for more information.

5) Do my points carry over from my transferring League?

Yes, if you are transferring during the League year, your points will be prorated when joining the JLSF.

6) Does my previous membership transfer over?

Yes, both your membership status and previous years in the League transfer over. You are not required to complete another Provisional year.

7) Can I transfer as a Provisional member?

Though we recommend completing your Provisional year with the same League if possible, we do accept Provisional transfers on a case by case basis.

8) How many points are transfers required to complete?

The JLSF requires that all Active members complete 18 points throughout the League year. How you earn these points is up to you, which helps the League be as flexible as possible for its members. In addition, you’ll receive one point for your participation on a JLSF Committee. These point requirements only apply to Active members, so Sustainers, we hope to see you at our social events!

9) How and when am I placed on a committee?

Shortly after your transfer is approved, the Transfers vice chairs will reach out to you welcoming you to the transfers committee.

10) Are there special activities planned for transfers?

Yes, throughout the League year we plan monthly transfer events for you to get to know the city of San Francisco and other women like you, who have just transferred into the League. We also try to coordinate volunteer opportunities for transfers to fulfill their League requirements and get to know the several opportunities the JLSF provides.

11) Do we earn points for attending transfer events?

No, transfer events are intended to be welcoming social events that help you get to know the JLSF and city of San Francisco.

12) Can I attend transfer events and/or general meetings before my transfer is complete?

Yes, you’re welcome to attend both transfer events and general meetings, however you will not receive points for general meetings until you are officially a JLSF member.

13) Once a member, where can I find/sign up for shifts to earn points?

Once you have your login information, you can find and sign up for all volunteer opportunities available on the member calendar. There are several ways to earn points, and how you earn them is entirely up to you.

A sample year could look something like:

  • Two voting General Meetings – 6 points
  • Home Tour day-of event – 5 points
  • One 3-hour Done in a Day shift – 3 points
  • Touch-A-Truck clean up – 4 points
    = 18 points!

14) When do I get my membership profile?

You’re able to set up your member profile as soon as your transfer is complete. You will receive a JLSF member login. After logging in, navigate to the drop down menu next to your name in the top right corner and Edit Profile. We encourage you to upload a picture. This will help you and other JLSF members get to know and recognize each other.

15) Will I get a dues refund after I transfer? How long does that usually take?

Yes, you will get a refund after you transfer depending on when you transfer. Normal processing usually takes about 1-2 weeks. Please ensure to include the correct forwarding information or address as not to delay the process.

16) How do I transfer out of the JLSF?

Please fill out the Change of Status Request form, which can be found under Documents & Forms on your JLSF membership page. Our member services team will then contact you directly to start your Transfer process.

17) I am no longer an Active member of the JLSF, but it was the last League I participated in. I have since moved and would like to transfer to a new League. How do I begin the transfer process?

If you are not an Active member, you will first have to reinstate your membership with the JLSF to be eligible to transfer out. Please contact our Director of Membership to initiate your reinstatement and transfer.