Focus Area

Every 5-7 years the members of the Junior League of San Francisco vote to determine the focus area that guides the League’s direction and decision-making with regard to the League’s financial and volunteer resources. Our current focus area is:

Advancing the social and emotional well-being
of youth and elderly in San Francisco.

Within this focus area, there are several impact areas that we aim to address through our community partnerships, community partner grants, and community events. They include:

  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Bullying / Cyber-Bullying
  • Building Self-Esteem / Confidence
  • Building Social Capital
  • Eliminating Emotional Abuse

Our Community Partners include:

The Junior League of San Francisco Impact

Focus Area Impact made by the Junior League of San Francisco Financial and Volunteer Hour Stats

Donations, funds, and volunteer hours provided by the JLSF to support our focus area of advancing the social and emotional health of the youth and elderly. 2017-2018 Annual Report.

  • We invested $281,969 into our community
  • Our volunteers helped 56 San Francisco organizations meet their goals
  • Our Diaper Drive collected 12,000 diapers, 3,700 baby wipes, and 100 toys
  • We collected and distributed over 2,000 items to help victims of the North Bay fires
  • Our members provided 9,693 hours of volunteer service