The Junior League of San Francisco Annual Home Tour

Historic Heights October 26 San Francisco houses

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Tickets and Patron Packages are now on sale for the 25th annual Home Tour, Historic Heights: 25 Years of Tradition, taking place on October 26, 2019.

Originating with the first Kitchen Tour in 1995, what is now the annual Home Tour remains a primary fundraising event for the JLSF, the proceeds of which benefit our mission and current focus area: advancing the social and emotional well-being of youth and elderly.

For the Silver Anniversary we celebrate Home Tour’s history, returning to San Francisco’s most prestigious and storied district: Presidio Heights. Guests of the Tour will visit elegant private residences steeped in art and history, view exquisite architecture and contemplate stylish interior design. In addition to touring these unique and spectacular homes, this year’s event will feature lifestyle demonstrations for the modern San Franciscan.


2019 Home Tour Events

Launch Party
Wednesday, September 18
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Lost Art Salon

Patron Reception
Thursday, October 10
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
St. Frank

Historic Heights
25th Annual Home Tour
Saturday, October 26
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM (Patrons)
11:00 AM – 4:00 PM (General)
Presidio Heights

2019 Home Tour Patrons

We are grateful for the support of our 2019 Home Tour Patrons. Your generous contributions help the JLSF continue making a significant, positive difference in the Bay Area community.

Golden Gate
Jillian Bales
Katie Colendich
Andrea Cunningham
Irena Matijas
Erinn O’Reilly

Painted Ladies

Katie Aspell
Melissa McKenzie
Eli & Mae Rosen Foundation
Sustainer Council
Adair Tigert
Lombard Street
Jennifer Bell & Courtney Risman-Jones
Tammy Braas-Hill
Maria DeRoss
Shari Foldes
Carolina Grossman
Lizzy Shay Kaler
Amy Kim
Kris Kolassa
Marijane Kubow
Stefanie Maier
Laura McKee
Emily Millman
Monica Muzzin
Suzanne Rischman
Simone Scarmozzino
Rachel Seidman
Alex Trabulsi
Francesca & Vince Ungaro
Cable Car
Erin Badillo
Alise Bailey
Kara Baker
Becca Berry
Elise Chapman
Andrea DeBerry
Sydney Doyle
Nicole Horodas
Meghan Keane
Emma Lundberg
Kelly Morton
Michelle Mukherjee
Ann Ording
Mark Pederson
Pernella Sommerville
Katie Swaneveld
Kate Van Dalsem
Liz Vydra
Julie Yarbrough

Legacy Contributors
Elizabeth Lester
Elyssa Match
Membership Council
Francis Wagner
Nannette & Walton Walker
Judy Webb
Diane B. Wilsey

2019 Home Tour Committee


Katherine Causey

Victoria Yeow

Agne Flores
Kate Van Dalsem
Laura McKee
Sarah Walker
Sydney Doyle

VP Fund Development
Andrea Cunningham

Andrea Butler
Emily DeCamilla
Maria DeRoss
Jill Falor
Malia Kelleher
Marijane Kubow
Jennifer Lane
Irena Matijas
Tatiana Meyer
Sunny Nelson
Patricia Nevers
Katie Swaneveld
Adair Tigert
Hilary Toms
Liz Vydra

The Home Tour Legacy

Home Tour has come a long way since the first Kitchen Tour in 1995, when it was limited to one room in the house. In 1997 it was renamed the Home and Kitchen Tour. Back then the tour included an exciting luxury raffle, gourmet luncheon, and home boutique. In 2001, the decision was made to drop the word “Kitchen” altogether to give the event its current-day title of Home Tour. 

From the views of Sea Cliff to the heights of SOMA, the annual Home Tour has taken guests through the most exclusive neighborhoods in San Francisco. This year we are proud to celebrate 25 years of Home Tour and the women whose tireless efforts have made each event a unique success.

Kitchen Tour
1995 – Presidio Heights
Presidio Heights
Marilyn Timoney
Donna Vitalona
1996 – Pacific Heights
Les Cuisines de Broadway
Diane Taube

Home & Kitchen Tour
1997 – Pacific Heights
Buona Cucina
Teresa Medearis
1998 – Presidio Heights
Presidio Promenade
Mary Fehr
1999 – Cow Hollow
Cosmopolitan Kitchens
Jennifer Smith
2000 – Marina
Cuisine Sur la Mer
Joselle Lee-Chao
Valerie Toler

Home Tour
2001 – Nob Hill
Rooms With A View
Marybeth La Motte
2002 – Presidio Heights
Suzanne Rischman
2003 – Pacific Heights
Salute to San Francisco
Lauren Haswell
2004 – Presidio Heights
Tour D’Elegance
Mai Shiver
Beth Sullivan
2005 – Sea Cliff
Hilary Desrosiers
Selin Wold
2006 – Pacific Heights
Give My Regards to Broadway
Ginger Wilcox
2007 – Russian Hill
Left My Heart in San Francisco
Patricia Dassios
Julie Yarbrough
2008 – Marina
A Day by the Bay
Katherine Pierce McShane
Catherine Kuuskraa
2009 – Pacific Heights
Crystal Anniversary
Nicole Bonar
Elizabeth Lester

2010 – St. Francis Wood
Into the Wood
Tammy Braas-Hill
2011 – Sea Cliff
Modernism Through the Ages
Lillian Phan
2012 – Presidio Heights
Gateway to Grandeur
Elizabeth Link
2013 – Cow Hollow
Hidden Gems of San Francisco
Susie Berg
Tricia O’Brien
2014 – Marina
Anchored in Tradition
Leah Rodriguez
2015 – Presidio Heights
Footsteps in the Fog
Dana Marie Knapp
Elyssa Match
2016 – Sea Cliff
Timeless Moderne Above the Bay
Erin Linch
2017 – SOMA
From Great Heights
Kris Kolassa
2018 – Noe Valley
Modern Magnificence
Francesca Ungaro


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Katherine Causey, 2019 Home Tour Committee Chair