From the Board of Directors: JLSF Statement on Abortion Rights

Corner of South Van Ness and Mission Street, San Francisco, 2022 The Junior League of San Francisco affirms that healthcare is a human right, and abortion care is healthcare. As a non-partisan organization, we recognize that some of our members may have personal views that differ from that stance, and we support your right to… Read More


Recent events in the United States, as well as the continued threat of violence and intimidation to undermine our democratic process has required us to mobilize our collective voice. We value the diverse identities and perspectives of our Membership, it is a cornerstone of our affiliation culture, but to not speak up would dishonor the… Read More

JLSF Response to Racial Injustice

This has been a tragic week, where we’ve watched the hurt and anger on display at the racial injustices that are pervasive in our society. The JLSF is committed to inclusive environments of diverse individuals, organizations, and communities. As such, we cannot stay silent and sit on the sidelines while these horrible injustices continue. We… Read More


Recent events across the globe have brought us to a pivotal moment in history where we need to speak up for the values our organization believes in. The AJLI Board understands that it is important for us to listen, learn and engage. Conversations on race can be painful, hard, and personal. It is more important… Read More

JLSF COVID-19 Response Update

We hope everyone is continuing to stay safe and healthy right now! Here are this week’s updates on our COVID19 response and resources. Our new dues timeline has been announced to members. Members can find this information in the Special eblast that went out. A new placement process kicked off last week. We started a… Read More

Volunteer from home!

The Institute on Aging needs our help! Let’s spread cheer to seniors! The IOA is looking to us to help brighten the days of seniors across the country, as they are particularly vulnerable to loneliness during this time we need to participate in social distancing. This is a wonderful way to connect with others from… Read More

JLSF COVID-19 Response Update

5 actions we are taking this week We have made Enabling Grants to 6 incredible organizations – Project Open Hand, HELP at CPMC, LSS of Northern California, KEEN San Francisco, Safe & Sound, and Institute on Aging! We hosted an incredible Town Hall with Dr. Rutherford of UCSF on 4/13 to learn more about the… Read More

JLSF COVID-19 Response Update

We hope you, your families, and loved ones are continuing to stay safe and healthy right now. The community that we’ve built as a league and role we have to support each other and the San Francisco community feels more important than ever. Last week, our Executive Management Team worked to pull together a COVID-19… Read More

Nominations Committee Seeking Women at the Center Honors Candidates

Each year, The Junior League of San Francisco, Inc. celebrates Women at the Center Honors by distinguishing two outstanding Bay Area women at the center of philanthropy, community and civic services. Honorees are selected because they are visionaries with strong leadership skills, and because they have given generously of their time, energy and resources in… Read More